Terms of Agreement and Use of the Service
MGNIERS SPACES is an online service developed and provided by MGNIERS, Brazilian company founded in 2009 and based in the city of Brasília - Distrito Federal, registered with the Receita Federal do Brasil under the CNPJ number 10.940.514/0001-80.

When using this service it's important that you are aware that some rules need to be followed to ensure the security and institutional and legal integrity of this platform. Are they:

1. Not store or distribute files with content:
1.1. Sexual involving children, minors or animals;
1.2. That it violates human rights;
1.3. Promote violence against people and animals;
1.4. Whose purpose or result is to spy on or violate the privacy of other users;
1.5. Harmful, capable of impairing the safety, integrity and stability of other devices;
1.6. That infringes intellectual or copyright rights;

2. Any action aimed at impairing the stability of the service, as well as violating security policies and practices will imply in the ban of the respective authors;

3. It's guaranteed 99.98% of availability, and in case of unavailability exceeding 0.2%, you may request the proportional discount on your next invoice;

4. The user can request support and help directly from or by the contact form at https://spaces.mgniers.com/#contact. We guarantee a response within 48 working hours;

5. Make sure that the email address linked to your Space is correct and up to date. Invoices will be sent to this email address;

6. Failure to pay for the service consumed up to 10 days after the due date of the invoice may result in the suspension of service, as well as the exclusion of your files;

7. Remember that the content of your files is your property and responsibility and you may be liable for any legal violations identified by your country's governmental and legal authorities;
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